A Philosophy Story

Once upon a time, a biologist, a physicst, and a philosopher were going for a walk on an island. All of a sudden they saw a black sheep.

"Ah, look at that!" exclaimed the biologist. "We can infer that the sheep on this island are

"No, no, no," said the physicst. "All we can infer is that at least SOME of the sheep on this island are black."

"No, we cannot infer even that," said the philosopher. " All we can infer is that on this island, there is a quantity, not less than one, of beings with the appearance of sheep, of which at least one appears to be black on at least one of its sides!"

ps. hop u lyk da filosofi storee :)
pps. yeah i know the picture don't relate to the story, but I thought it was nice.


Priya Joyce said...

hey cool

liked it ha ha

and ur ps:) notice tat was cool to say filosofi lol


btw abt the pic I am sure there mite be sum philosophy behind tat too. lol

Susanna-Cole said...

Funny how we often think using the logic we're given in whatever area we work in or know best. :)

Thanks so much for your comment, by the way, I'm so glad I can make you think, you make me think as well! :)


surjit said...

Sofia, you have a wonderful blog.Thanks for blogrolling me.I shall add your too.
God bless.

Filo Sofia said...

To priya joyce: You are so kind I'm quite sure I don't deserve it. I will tell u the truth, about the picture, I looked on Goog for black sheep but all ther was only from some kinda hozza movie, of sheep turning nasty, and I thought, this is got 2 be a joke. If u look on YouTube ther's one realli old movie even funnier about some rabbits that take over and rule a town. Imagine flopsy bunnies going fierce lol! x

Filo Sofia said...

To S-C: Thanks as ever. I am so looking up to you. x

Filo Sofia said...

To surjit: You are kind when you compliment my random scribble blog, when your blog is so amazing. I want a million people to read your work.

(Btw thanks for rescuing me when I was been overwhelmed by dogmatists on BC) x

Luisa said...

Great! I liked it very much, also your comments on BC about religion.

Anadroid said...

Great story if you wrote it you're obviously a proper philosopher..unlike me! I saw that Black Sheep movie it's pretty funny but a bit gross.

Harneet Singh said...

It is all in the mind . The way we see the things.


Sofia said...

To anadroid: ah no I didn't write the original story, but I adapted it because I thought my version is better. :)

To harneet singh: yeah that is true, so much depends on how we see things...