The School of Filosofia

Some of you may realize by now that there is no sofia, or at least, that there is no person whose given name is sofia. This is because filosofia is a team, or more accurately a school. The word school here is used in the same sense as the school of the prophet Isaiah, or the school of the philosopher Pythagoras, or of the poet Homer.

Of course, there is one editor in chief, and perhaps many people have assumed that she is sofia filosofia, but in fact her name is Aimee. The name sofia filosofia is intended to embody a system of beliefs and thought and philosophy, brought together by a meeting of minds, and original writing, to make up the collection of filosofia. Aimee is in full editorial control, but that does not mean she is the sole author, as may possibly be clear from a stylistic analysis of the different posts this blog contains.

The school members are free to express their opinion on any topic whatever, subject to her editorial ratification. filosofia is currently in the process of considering whether to invite applications to join filosofia school, and there will be more news about this as soon as it becomes available. Meanwhile, any views of readers can as ever be written into the comments section.

If you have been addressing your comments to Sofia, as to a person, then please feel free to continue doing that.

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