What Are You Like?

Some have asked me what I am like, by which they no doubt mean the kind of surface attributes and "facts and figures" that are considered so important by many people. The question is a foolish question. A person's true identity is their inner self, which they may choose or not choose to show. It is revealed to a great extent in what they say, in their philosophy, if you like.

The Philosopher is able to maintain control over revelation. Thus the Philosopher is able to allow us to see only so much of her true nature as she wishes us to perceive. The rest of us, to a greater or lesser extent, allow our true self to be perceived by default.

Those who ask about superficial qualities reveal instead their own superficiality.

But I can reveal that when I was young, I was like Alice. There are many different images of Alice, so you may have invoked in your imagination one of the images an artist or film-maker of the past invoked in HIS imagination. But there was a REAL Alice, and she it is, and there is a picture for you to see.

Now we must be clear that this blog is about philosophy, yet I have been talking about books. I do not intend this blog to become a book blog, but I have to mention a book sometimes. Besides, my last post was about "NOT a book" so in the interests of balanced reporting, we must now have a post about a book. More accurately, two books, since we want to have books in credit, not overdrawn. As they sometimes are from the library. No, that's not overdrawn, but overDUE.

Therefore for those who want to know what I am like, I will tell you about two books (novels) which I think are beautiful in their different ways. They are not necessarily my favourite books but they could be. They are certainly not my exclusive books, but they might suffice at a pinch. They will show you that which I think is beautiful, but they are two among many beautiful things.

If you are in any way a similar person to me, then you will probably love them. But you know I don't do book reviews? So you have to read them to find out anything at all about them, other than that you can trust me you can read them confidently.

And also this clue: One of them is about someone who is like me, and the other one is about someone who I like.

They are:

In A Good Light
by Clare Chambers

The Crimson Petal and the White
by Michel Faber


rewarded for being me said...

This is good I love your writing.The Philosopher is a person of mystery only letting part of herself be reviled.When
I think of Philosophers I think of those that seek life's truths and tries to live by them according to his or hers interpretation.
Now the question I ask, can a Philosopher truly maintain a cloak of invisibility only to reveal apart of whom she really is? I think so. For a time,then I believe if one would be attentive enough, that they would be able to began to really see who this person is. I believe that in time the person who the philosopher is, will began to bleed through the cloak of invisibility. "These are my thoughts."

Sofia said...

Thank you for your kind comments.